Biostimulation of skin cells with human plasma with growth factor.

Duration of Procedure

30 minutes


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About the Procedure

This is biostimulation of skin cells with the human platelet-rich plasma transfer with growth factor.

Platelet-rich plasma is a centrifugate of the patient’s blood which contains a lot of platelets and thus growth factor which stimulates the regeneration process of skin cells. Because the plasma is the patient’s, the method is completely safe as any allergic or other immunologic reactions are excluded.



During the procedure, the medical team will draw blood from the patient and by spinning it we extract platelets containing the growth factor. The entire procedure is performed in the operating room and lasts from 10 to 15 minutes. Plasma is then inserted into the patient’s skin with intradermal injections or mesotherapy. Plasma stimulates skin cells so they regenerate.

The results can be visible after a week. The final results are evaluated after three months when the procedure can be repeated to achieve a better result.


Are you a candidate for the Procedure?

This therapy is suitable for:
– patients who require a rejuvenation of the facial skin (tired skin, lack of elasticity, discolourations, dry skin),
– patients with signs of ageing skin (wrinkles, minor wrinkles, saggy skin, reduced skin elasticity),
– patients who require a facelift where the face is filled with a combination of fat graffiti (the problem of facial ageing is also the subcutaneous or deeper tissue atrophy) and thus the face is refreshed and partial lift effect achieved in suitable patients. It needs to be emphasized that there are no incisions or scars in this procedure as we only use injection needles,
– patients after the cosmetic procedures or injuries (accelerates skin regeneration process and healing process),
– patients with male baldness,
– patients who do not wish to use artificial rejuvenation substances (botox, hyaluronic acid),
– patients who are allergic to other rejuvenation formulas.

This method is not suitable for a patient with too big expectations who needs a surgical procedure to achieve a more permanent result. (Example: 70-year old patient who also need a surgical facelift cannot expect the same result only with the plasma treatment.)

There have been numerous clinical studies performed confirming the safety and efficiency of the most recent facial rejuvenation method.


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Post-Operative recommendations


Possible inconveniences after the procedure

Swelling and bruising.

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