Is a combination of several facial operations at the same time.

Duration of Procedure

60-120 minutes


1 day(s)



Back to Work

After 1-2 weeks

About the Procedure

Mid-face lift is usually combined with the under-eye surgery, an additional lift of the under-eye cheeks, and the correction of the nasolabial fold going from the nose towards the lips.

The procedure is performed under the local anaesthesia. A laboratory preparation is required. Taking aspirin at least ten days before the operation is not recommended.

A few days after the operation, rest is recommended, and after about a week patients are capable of taking care of their usual work responsibilities which are not particularly physically tough.

More Details

Post-Operative recommendations

Rest, following the recommendations of the medical personnel, taking the prescribed medications, icing 24 hours after the procedure, lymphatic drainage recommended, elevated pillow during the rest.

Possible inconveniences after the procedure

Bruises, asymmetry, prolonged swelling.

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