Liposuction is a procedure to remove fat from body parts which are not affected by dieting and physical activity.

Duration of Procedure

30 – 120 minutes


1 day(s)



Back to Work

after 3-7 days

About the Procedure

Liposuction means removing excess fat from a wide variety of areas, such as the jowl, stomach, hips, thighs, knees, tibia, etc. The method is not a replacement for dieting but it can remove maximum 3,000–4,000ml of fat from body parts which are not affected by dieting and physical activity. It is a body contouring method, not a method for reducing body weight. Also, liposuction cannot significantly repair surface irregularities.
The skin after the surgery may be loose for a while, depending on the amount of fat removed in a given area, the elasticity of the skin, and the patient’s age. After the liposuction some excess skin may remain in the affected place, which, after consultation, can also be removed (simultaneously or subsequently).



Scars are typically shorter than one centimetre, and in most cases change to an almost imperceptible skin colour within one year. Healing and the ultimate scar depends on the reaction of the patient’s body to the healing of wounds.


After the surgery

The working ability of the patient after the surgery depends on the job and the amount and areas of liposuction, but it is usually regained after a few days to a week.
After liposuction, swelling is present (which is worst one week after the surgery) but finally disappears after three months. It is recommended to wear compression garments and to make use of the lymphatic drainage as soon as possible after surgery.
The result of the liposuction is permanent under the conditions that the patient does not substantially gain weight and has hormones balanced.


More Details

Post-Operative recommendations

Rest, following the recommendations of the medical personnel, taking the prescribed medications, wearing special compression garments, moderate physical activity immediately after the surgery, lymphatic drainage recommended.

Possible inconveniences after the procedure

Swelling and bruising, pain in the operated areas.

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