Lipolysis means breaking down or dissolving fat cells with an injection therapy.

Duration of Procedure

20 minutes


not required



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About the Procedure

Lipolysis is the breaking down or dissolving of fat cells with an injection of PPT (phosphatidylcholine). Fat cells have this substance in their own cell walls and it enables them a normal metabolism; however, in large quantities it causes the degradation of fat cells. Through fat metabolism, the fat from these cells is consumed for energy or is stored elsewhere if not used.


After the Procedure

Two to three weeks after the application, additional physical activity is recommended (cca. 400 kcal larger energy consumption which is approximately a three to four-kilometre walk). It is even better if we pair it with suitable body-shaping exercises.


More Details

The therapy length

The number of therapies varies from person to person; it depends on the area of the body and body size. Usually one to four therapies in eight week intervals are sufficient for a successful completion of the therapy.

Post-Operative recommendations

Rest, following the recommendations of the medical personnel, taking the prescribed medications, icing 24 hours after the procedure, lymphatic drainage recommended.

Possible inconveniences after the procedure

Temporary bruising.

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