Painless and non-invasive procedure to remove vascular changes.

Duration of Procedure

up to 45 minutes


not required


not required

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About the Procedure

The laser method of removal of vascular changes (capillaries) is a completely non-invasive procedure, with a minimum of pain (stinging). The cooling system prevents pain during the procedure and at the same time protects the upper layer skin before possible damages. The laser beam will only affect the pigment (haemoglobin), which contains vascular changes, without causing any damage to the epidermis and other structures in the skin.



Changes can be seen immediately after the procedure, but skin care on the treated area is necessary for at least four weeks. In doing so, we recommend avoidance of sunlight and adequate protection against potential exposure to the sun.


After the Procedure

Immediately after the procedure the treated is area becomes red and sore. Swelling and redness usually go away the same day. On broader areas smaller haematoma (bruising) may appear, and they require a longer recovery time. However, this too disappears with the proper care.

The number of treatments depends on the characteristics of vascular changes, for example their depth, size, type, and colour. However, the procedure is highly efficient as only one to two procedures are usually necessary in 70% of all cases. Only in the event of widespread areas it is necessary to repeat the treatment several times to avoid permanent damage.



Physical activity is not recommended for one to two weeks after the procedure, and in case of larger treated areas we recommend you wear socks you can bring to the procedure.


More Details

Post-Operative recommendations


Possible inconveniences after the procedure

Redness and swelling.

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