The laser method is a modern method of disposal of non-dangerous skin lesions for therapeutic and aesthetic purposes (viral warts, fibromas, keratosis, lentigo).

Duration of Procedure

up to 20 minutes


not required


not required

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About surgery

This is a process which the laser removes unsuspecting skin lesions, especially the various protuberances, age keratosis, warts, warts age.

After laser surgery healing is slightly longer, but the scar is less visible or not at all. It could also leave a slight red or pigmented trail, which usually disappears after a few months. Spots of surgery must not be exposed to direct ultraviolet rays (sun, solarium) respectively. Spots must be adequately protected.


More Details

Post-Operative recommendations

Use ointments for wounds, avoid sun exposure for one week after surgery.

Possible inconveniences after the procedure

Extended healing, pigmentation disorders.

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