A method of laser reducing body hair, for which the wavelength of the laser beam is used.

Duration of Procedure

10-60 minutes


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not required

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About the Procedure

A method of laser reducing the body hair, for which the wavelength of the laser beam is used which get absorbed into the melanin (skin pigmentation) and which is present in hair as well. When the laser beam contacts the melanin, the energy of light reabsorbs in it immediately which causes the hair to heat up and this heat permanently damages the hair follicle.



The hair in contact with the follicle is only in the growth phase so the removal is only possible in this phase. The procedure thus needs to be renewed. The epilation procedure has the most effect on light skin and dark hair.
Typical reactions on the skin after epilation are: redness, which may last for several days, hives (redness of the skin with swelling), pruritus, very small scabs can appear in highly pigmented people. After laser epilation it is not recommended to expose your skin to ultraviolet rays (sun, solarium) for at least one month.

In the process of surgery you can feel a burning pain on individual hairs, but the sensation of pain depends on the patient’s sensitivity (pain threshold). The effect of the therapy is better if the patient shaves the hair a few days before the treatment. The energy of the laser beam is consumed in the skin and does not go into deeper structures, so it cannot not damage the internal organs.


We do not recommend

Treatment is not appropriate if the patient is taking medications that cause photosensitivity, during pregnancy, in case of diabetes, propensity to excessive scarring, and in cases where protection from the sun is not possible.
Is most suitable is winter time when we are not exposed to the sun.


More Details

Post-Operative recommendations

Use of cooling gel if needed.

Possible inconveniences after the procedure


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