Injection of human fat for a youthful look.

Duration of Procedure

60 minutes


1 day(s)


not required

Back to Work

after 1-2 weeks

About the Procedure

Human fat cells have an advantage over other formulas (collagen, hyaluronic acid or Artecoll) because they are not a foreign object and are thus perfectly safe for the patient’s body.

Face also ages due to a decreased volume of the subcutaneous fat. If we add tissue to the wrinkled face it will be youthful tight again. Human fat has proved to be the ultimate agent for face filling and it is injected in small amounts in order the cells to “stick” and the result to be more permanent. Fat is taken from the thighs, knees or stomach. A part of the injected fat dies and the rest of it lives permanently. The percentage of fat that lives depends on each individual so it is possible that several repetitions will be required to achieve the final result.


After the Procedure

The worst swelling appears the second or third day after the procedure, even worse than after a surgery; however, after a week, the swelling is reduced. It is possible that the swelling and bruising persist for up to three weeks but it depends on the body. One week after the procedure, we usually recommend a gentle massage which helps to reduce swelling.

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, or under general anaesthesia if the patient wants.


More Details

Post-Operative recommendations


Possible inconveniences after the procedure

Swelling, bruising.

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