Cosmetic nose surgery is an operative procedure where planning a new nose is crucial – considering unique characteristics of the nose and the proportion with other facial elements.

Duration of Procedure

60-120 minutes


1 day(s)



Back to Work

7 days

About the Procedure

The nose is the most visible part of the face. Its appearance has a much bigger impact on the visual appearance of the face than any other structure. It also has a highly important function of breathing and controlling (cleaning, moisturising, and heating) the air before it enters the lungs.

Corrective nose surgery can be:
– septoplasty: corrective surgical procedure of the nasal septum. It is usually required by invisible nose deformations connected with difficulty breathing.
– rhinoplasty: aesthetic corrective surgery of the nose.

Both operations can be performed through the incisions inside of the nose in the so called closed technique or through a small incision on the nasal septum in case of an open technique. Which technique will be used depends on the situation on the nose which needs to be changed or the patient wants to change it. In the last few years, the open technique is used mostly.

During the first visit, the patient’s medical condition needs to be examined regarding any possible injuries, allergies or previous surgical procedures on the nose. The problems the patient has with breathing or appearance are discussed in detail. The nasal interior and exterior are examined. Further on, the possibility for a surgical procedure is evaluated. During the conversation, a photographic analysis is made and possible changes after the nose surgery are shown. Its purpose is to understand the surgical procedure and changes which can be achieved with a certain type of the procedure.
The patient must not take aspirin 14 days before the procedure.


More Details

Post-Operative recommendations

Rest, following the recommendations of the medical personnel, taking the prescribed medications, icing 24 hours after the procedure, lymphatic drainage recommended.

Possible inconveniences after the procedure

Swelling of the nasal tip for several months, difficulty breathing.

Predictability of the result

The nose is a highly complicated facial organ and unique for each person. In planning a new nose it is very important to consider the unique characteristics of the nose and the proportion with other facial elements. There is no such thing as a perfect nose which would be acceptable for all people and faces. During the procedure we operate on live tissue which reacts differently in different people. This means that internal scars and reactions of different tissues are different (subcutaneous tissue, cartilage, bones etc.). The predictability of the result thus depends on the condition of the patient’s tissues, type of deformation and nature of nasal and facial bone structures as well as genetic factors. Just like in any surgical procedure, complications are possible. In 15–20 % of nose jobs, a minor corrective surgery needs to be done after the initial operation due to the above mentioned facts; usually it is performed under local anaesthesia.

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