Corrective under-eye surgery is a more complex operative procedure due to various ageing mechanisms.

Duration of Procedure

30 – 120 minutes


1 day(s)


Local / General

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After 1-2 weeks

About the Procedure

Corrective under-eye surgery is a combination of surgical procedures to correct under-eye irregularities which are:
– fat pads directly under the eye become looser as we age. Under this fat ridge we usually have a hollow channel which is a consequence of the loose part of the under-eye cheeks. This channel is usually the most problematic for patients. During the operation, this ridge of fat is pushed back into the orbit or it is used to fill the underlying channel in order to level the dimple under the eyes. This condition can also be seen in young persons due to the inborn:
– loose iris sphincter muscle and under-eye which also occur due to ageing; they are corrected with special stitches on the outer side of the eye in order to support the under-eye. Loose under-eye is manifested as irritated eyes and lacrimation;
– loose cheek tissue can be corrected under the same procedure by lifting the mid face and adding volume with fat transfer.


After the Procedure

The recovery after the procedure depends on the size of the operation and can last from one to 14 days, and swelling can persist for several weeks.

After the Procedure, lymphatic drainage is recommended which can shorten the time of recovery.


More Details

Post-Operative recommendations

Rest, following the recommendations of the medical personnel, taking the prescribed medications, icing 24 hours after the procedure, lymphatic drainage recommended.

Possible inconveniences after the procedure

Bruises, asymmetry, prolonged swelling.


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