The procedure is performed on children as well as adults.

Duration of Procedure

30-60 minutes


not required



Back to Work

after a few days

About the Procedure

This is a surgery to reduce the angle between the head and the ear. The angle can be enlarged due to a high auricle or poorly developed antihelix. The operative technique is adapted accordingly. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia except in pre-school children who nonetheless rarely undergo the surgery or only in the most extreme cases.


After the Procedure

After the Procedure, the head is bandaged for a few days up to one week. Subsequently, we recommend bandaging over night for up to three weeks.

Swelling is present for one to two weeks. Complications are possible just like in any surgery (bleeding, infections, over-sensitivity).

In the ear-reformation process, permanent stitches can also be used and thus achieving a better predictability of results but they sometimes need to be removed (after several months or years) if they cause an allergic reaction.


More Details

Post-Operative recommendations

Rest, following the recommendations of the medical personnel, taking the prescribed medications, icing 24 hours after the procedure.

Possible inconveniences after the procedure

Minor asymmetries.

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